Data Fields
bfelf_load_instr Struct Reference

Data Fields

bfelf64_word perm
bfelf64_off mem_offset
bfelf64_off file_offset
bfelf64_xword memsz
bfelf64_xword filesz
bfelf64_addr virt_addr

Detailed Description

ELF Load Segment

The load instructions that each segment provides is missing some helpful info. This structure provides the info that is needed, in a cleaned up format.

Note that there are two different char * buffers that you need to know about when loading a segment. There is the char * for the ELF file, and the char * for the memory that the ELF file is being loaded into. The ELF file does not equal memory. The best example is the BSS section, which is empty in the ELF file. Also, the RE vs RW sections are usually aligned. To use this information use the following steps:

Definition at line 207 of file bfelf_loader.h.

Field Documentation

◆ perm


defines the permissions (read/write/execute) for this segment

Definition at line 209 of file bfelf_loader.h.

◆ mem_offset


defines the segment offset in memory

Definition at line 210 of file bfelf_loader.h.

◆ file_offset


defines the segment offset in the ELF file

Definition at line 211 of file bfelf_loader.h.

◆ memsz


defines the segment size in memory

Definition at line 212 of file bfelf_loader.h.

◆ filesz


defines the segment size in the ELF file

Definition at line 213 of file bfelf_loader.h.

◆ virt_addr


defines the assumed virtual address of the segment if PIC == false

Definition at line 214 of file bfelf_loader.h.

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