An open source project that provides the scaffolding needed to rapidly prototype new hypervisors

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Rapidly Prototype New Hypervisors

Bareflank aims to provide an easy to use SDK to rapidly prototype new hypervisors. Currently Bareflank has support for Linux, Windows and UEFI on Intel 64bit CPUs, but support for OS X is coming as well as support for ARM and AMD platforms.

Simple To Extend

Bareflank is written in C++ with support for the C++ STL via libc++. Bareflank also comes complete with a custom unwind library for kernel safe exception support. Using inheritance and Bareflank's modular design, it is simple to extend Bareflank to create your own hypervisors. Bareflank even comes with a set of examples that demonstrate, step-by-step, how custom extensions work.

Bareflank Hypervisor VPID Example
Bareflank Hypervisor CPUID Count Example
Bareflank Extended APIs Hook Example

API Documentation

Bareflank includes Doxygen API documentation. In addition, each sub-project has been documented to explain what it does, and how it works.

API Documentation

Authors and Contributors

Bareflank was created by Rian Quinn (@rianquinn), and Brendan Kerrigan (@brendank310) and funded by Assured Information Security, Inc.